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"What a story!

.. A Hugh amount of crazy humor..

.. unexpected, refreshing even.. 

               A show to discover!"


Toute la Culture, Paris

Boxed Photo (Low-Res) by Andre.jpg

What´s That?

Is it Me?

Is it a You?

Is this Real?

Or just a Joke?

It´s time we open The Box!

Please close it.

I´m scared.


The long awaited new Solo Piece by Ariel Doron, Boxed, in which he goes another step into minimalism, and creates a fascinating short story using only a shoebox.


A funny, sensitive and scary fantasy about a lonely man trying to get in touch with himself and the world.

Without Words

+- 25 Minutes

Age Adults or 10 +

 1st Review (in French, contains spoilers) here. 

Boxed Photo for Program (Hi-Res) By Aure
Boxed Blood by Andre.jpg
Boxed Gaffe By Andre.jpg
Boxed Gaffa Kid By Andre.jpg

Premiere 2019


Created & Performed by:

Ariel Doron



Tobias Tönjes


Artistic Consultation:

Shahar Marom , Florian Feisel, Roni Nelken Mosenson


Co-Produced with the generous support of: Erlangen Figurentheatre Festival,

Hanut 31 Theatre Gallery, Tel Aviv and

FITZ! Figurentheatre Zentrum, Stuttgart.


Exterior Eyes and Good Advice:

Clara Pallau Herrero, Aurélie Strohmaier, Sanni Lotzch, Mai Aylon, Sharon Gabay, Joachim Fleischer, Jan Jedenak, Frederike Miller, Sarah Chaudon, Gerda Knoche, Gildas Coustier, Marius Moses, Ari Teperberg, Inbal Yomtovian, Charlotte Wilde, Michael Vogel, Laila Betterman, Christiane Guhr, Nane Rotfuchs, Sabine Köhler, Heiki Ikkola.


André Wirsig (Bilderwahn)

Aurélie Storhmaier

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