Plastic Heroes

"Amazing Puppet Show.. Irresistible and Fierce. TT"

                                                                    Telerama, Paris


"Ironic, Black Humor Masterpiece. **** 4 Stars"

                                                                    Aamulehti, Tampere, Finland

"Clearly one of these little miracles, which only puppet and object theatre brings.

From a game of discreet naïveté and formal simplicity it manages to touch the nerves,

bring up emotions and thoughts in a way that is anything but naive or simple."

                                                                    Leipziger Volkzeitung, Germany




“War is about to begin,

now is the time to become heroes.

But the soldiers are plastic,

the battlefield a table

and home is just a distant image on a screen.


In a combat with no clear enemy or goal,

the border between reality and fantasy blurs:

is this really happening,

or is it all just a game?”


Plastic Heroes is made entirely of ready made 

children's toys, mainly those of soldiers, 

weapons and war.

It also incorporates use of ipads, iphones and video.


Desire, violence, sex, hate and fear are put on the table

as the so called 'naive' toys are brought to life,

  and the innocence of child's play

       encounters the bleeding reality of adult war.


The show is a surprising, funny and fast paced collage of war images,

and it manages to deal with hard and painful issues while giving the

audience a funny, wild and refreshing puppetry experience.

The show has been invited to more than 20 countries, and is still intensively touring

in Festivals and Theaters worldwide.

*The show is almost entirely without words*


International puppet theatre festival

Jerusalem, Israel 2014


Turku International Puppetry (TIP) Festival

Turku, Finland 2014


Guest show for Unima-Hellas

Athens, Greece 2015


Giboul Festival

Strasbourg, France 2015


Orbis Pictus Festival

Reims, France 2015


International Puppet Theatre Festival

Jerusalem 2015


Versuchung Festival, Schaubude Theatre

Berlin, Germany 2015


                International Festival Theatre European Regions

Karlov Hadi, Czech Republique 2015


Bornholm Puppet Festival

Bornholm, Denmark 2015


Festival Mondiale des Theatres de Marionnettes Charleville-Meziers, France, 2015


International Tmuna Festival

Tel Aviv 2015


Vitrine Festival #4

"Hanut" Theatre, Tel Aviv 2015


Unidram International Theaters Festival

Potsdam, Germany 2015


Imaginale International Figuren Theatre Festival

Stuttgart, Germany 2016


Oulu International Festival

Oulu, Finland 2016


Izmir International Puppetry Festival

Izmir, Turkey 2016


FIDENA Figurentheatre Festival

Bochum, Germany 2016


Ot Tempelum Festival

Gyor, Hungary, 2016


MUKAMAS Interntaional Puppetry Festival

Tampere, Finland 2016


International Festival of Puppetry Art

Bielsko-Biala, Poland 2016


Treff Festival

Talinn, Estonia 2016

Figura Festival

Baden, Switzerland 2016


Les Travers de Juin Festival

Theatre aux Main Nues, Paris 2016


Magdeburg International Puppetry festival

Magdeburg, Germany 2016


Synergura Festival

Erfurt, Germany 2016


Sofia International Puppetry Festival

Sofia, Bulgaria 2016


LUTKE Festival

Lijubliana, Slovenia 2016


Kikiriki Festival,

Centro Cultural Federico Garcia Lorca

Granada, Spain 2016


Bolshi Theater Kukla International Puppetry Festival

Saint Petersburg, Russia 2016

Reminicies Theatre Festival

Krakow, Poland 2016


Braunschweig, Germany 2016

...And many more (see Upcoming Shows)

Photos by Anael Resnick and Yair Meyhuas:


Teaser #1

Teaser #2

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