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Tür Zu

A wild trip to the fantasy world of the... toilet!

״Wonderfully anarchic bathroom fun״

                                                                  Mannheimer Morgen

״So charming and hilariously funny.. fascinates and delights every adult in addition to the little ones... It is a great art that does not lead to something out of the ordinary, but to the simple and the obvious in a world of fantastic adventures.״

                                                                                    Die Rheinpfalz

Water, toothbrushes and toilet paper rolls, that's all you need to have fun.

From the everyday bathroom situations, audiences and actors embark on fantastic adventures as bathrobes, toilets and shower heads come to life.
Together with the players Simone Oswald and Helene Schmitt the show is a surprising game where anarchic power of playful creativity sends our imagination, and the toilet room, to fantasy land.

A production of Schauburg Theater, München

For more details:

Simone Oswald
Helene Schmitt

Directed by
Ariel Doron
Christian Thurm
Julica Hennig
Anne Richter
Anna Grüssinger

Fotos (c) Christian Kleiner

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